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What is different in Terramaxima's skin care system?
We focus on anti-inflammatory, restoring your skin 's OWN regenerative abilities, strengthening of the immune system and optimal hydration in ANY climate.
Your skin should be able to work without chemical dependencies. To achieve that, the skin should not be overloaded with creams, serums and moisturizers. When it comes to healthy skin care, follow 'Less is more'.
Our system is based on only 4 products that adapt to every skin type, age, climate and the thirst of your skin.
Those products are efficient and economical in use and can be applied in hot, cold as well as extreme weather conditions.
We do not carry a typical day cream. Instead, we have a highly versatile, non-clogging 24h moisturizing gel.
We do not have a night cream. Instead a 3 second evening ritual that consists of cleansing + anti-inflammatory toning facial shower.
We do not have a hand cream. Instead a Smart Towel that delivers clean power hand care. You will notice how little lotioning your hands actually need ...
We have no extra eye-,  neck or cleavage cream. Our Instant Face Lift is enough.
Why do we not advocate Night Cream?
Because night creams are counter productive to your skin 's own ability to care for itself. Your skin works hardest at night and regenerates on its own. If you interfere from outside by providing creams, you signal to your sebacious glands to cut its own production. The result is even drier skin. Thus, your skin becomes dependent on using creams and you need to use more and more just to feel well moisturized. Remember the tense feelig that skin so often has after a while without lotion? -- This is a result of chemical dependency. However, if you re-educate your skin to work on its own, those tensions in your skin are rare and almost completely eliminated. 
When your skin works healthy on its own, it 's a different feeling: your skin feels full, lush and your overall confidence and well-being in your own skin increases by a multiple!!!
How can I re-teach my skin to work on its own?
Stop using night cream. Instead, cleanse your face with Light Speed Cleanser. You don 't need to rinse it off. Spritz Skin Power Face Spritz Daily Skin Juice to tone your skin and support its own work.
Do this for at least a week. Don 't cheat and use a different moisturizer. As with breaking ANY dependency, the first 2 days feel a bit awkward. After that, your skin begins to restore gradually. Humid summers are a great time period to do the switch. A time period of the year with a higher humidity level is better to re-adjust. 
Why do we break rules and not have the classic day and night cream regimen?
We've all been trained and conditioned to the typical skin care regimen of day cream, night cream, cleansing morning and evening. However, it is commercial conditioning, so you buy more. Not because your skin needs it.
Our life circumstances nowadays have changed dramactically. So have the climate conditions. We cross time zones, live hectic lives, multi-task all the time, spend much time in air-conditioned or heated surroundings.
What your skin needs is adequate support, not a conditioning fixed beauty regimen that no longer fits our daily lives. It needs:
1. Optimal hydration -- which also needs to be adaptable, because today, the weather may be hot and humid, while tomorrow, it might be cold and dry.
Optimal hydration also boosts your immune system. Remember: the human body functions best in a humidity level of at least 40%. The drier your body is, the harder it is for your body to work its immune system. This is why you 're so vulnerable to colds and stuff in-flight.
2. Anti-inflammatory.
3. Anti-oxidants.
Is Terra Maxima tested on animals?
Is Terra Maxima rated by Cosmetic Analysis?
Yes.  Click on the individual products to learn more. We have been rated 'Very Good' and 'Good'.
Why do our products not come in larger sizes?
Our products are made for the modern, mobile lifestyle. Thus they need to be easy to transport, fit in pockets. Our Instant Well-Being Antijetlag travel system is sold in airport environments and made to be taken onboard a plane. Thus, needs to meet the carry-on security specs. In addition, we strive to elimit preservatives to the maximum extent possible while still delivering formulas that are stable in extreme weather conditions. I.e. you'll be able to take them with you to the desert just as much as to mountain tops, the gym or anywhere else. 
Plus: our products are very efficient & economical. A LITTLE bit goes FAR.
How can I get the Skin Power Facial Shower in a larger size?
You simply replace the empty vial with a full one. Our Skin Power Face Spritz comes with a 20ml refillable vial. You simply reorder a refill and we ship the refill vial or refill vials straight to your door. Including the pump actuator. This is better for the environment and makes it fresh and more economical for you. You can resend the empty glass vial to us for recycling or recycle it yourself. Don 't forget to shake the vial before inserting so all the active ingredients are properly mixed.
What are Smart Towels? And why do they come single packaged?
Smart Towels are not comparable to wipes. They are powerful ingredient formulations, better than cremes.  The towels are reusable several times. Once opened, they last about 7 days. And on average for about 4 applications.
The foil is 100% recycable and the towel, once used up and dried out can actually be used as a cleaning towel for household chores. 
We use sheets as an easy, hygienic means to deliver healthy formulations in a travel - friendly way. They 're light, easy to transport in a purses, pockets, sportsbag, through airport security controls, for sports, camping, to the office and even as emergency kits in the car. And: they need less preservatives. Thus, you get better liquid formulations.
Can I reuse Smart Towels?
Yes. Each Smart Towel can be reused about 4 times. A pack of 3 keeps you going for about 12-14 days.
I 'm not sure, what to use and how to use a product. Can I get help to find the right product, learn more about what's in it or find out how to use a product?
Yes. Call or email us. Our staff speaks English, German, French. We are also in the process of setting up a hotline that gives advice on how to use Intelligent Naturals, and tips on personalized healthy travel and healing skincare on-the-go and at home.
How do I use a promo code?
You enter the promo code at check-out. the amount will automatically be deducted from the total amount due.
Do Terra Maxima products contain suncreen?
No. Why?
Because the sunscreen hype has been the biggest profit making swindle of the beauty industry.
The "Sunscreen-Everywhere" mode actually has been found to promote cancer, rather than prevent it. Because an overload blocks the body from absorbing Vitamin D. Vitamin D, however, is necessary to protect against diseases. Recent scientific evidence has shown that Vitamin D helps prevent 77 cancers in women, incuding breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer. It helps prevent diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, depression. Keep in mind that most sunscreen products contain carcinogenic chemicals, meaning chemicals where prolonged or excessive exposure may lead to cancer. Many of the chemicals in sunscreen have been found to have phototoxic, photoallergic or have DNA altering effects. Many chemicals in sunscreen have not been tested for safety by the FDA. A review of studies on skin cancer by Science News found that people who use sunscreen have an enhanced probability to develop cell cancer than people who do not.  Recent scientific studies also showed that the mere exposure to sunlight is not the main cause of sunburn. Rather, a lack of antioxidants is.
So, eat your berries, spirulina, algea products, etc. to strengthen your body and help build an inner sunscreen. Load up on anti oxidants. Our product formulations consider an increase of free radicals and contain high concentrations of anti-oxidants.
Now, we're not saying that you should go to the beach unprotected. And you certainly should not grill all day in the sun. But moderate exposure to sunlight is necessary to build Vitamin D.
But: you won't need sunscreen for a day in the office, when you go grocery shopping, or sit on a plane. Since most make up products already contain SPF, we find it more beneficial not to overload your skin with SPF. Next time, you're bombarded with SPF musts in every skin product -- ask yourself: who benefits from the ads?